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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Be Still My Life

"Still Life of Junk Food," by Earl J. Woods

Did you ever notice that every still life painting ever created features a bunch of fruit sitting around in a bowl? Well, my still life is different, because it features a bunch of junk food sitting around in a vending machine. Also, it's a photo instead of a painting.

Check out my new comic strip, "Filberts." See if you can guess the clever meaning behind the name!


Anonymous said...

This sadly represents our "diet". Is it no wonder I have gained so much weight for the first time in 20 years! YIKES!! :(


Anonymous said...

Hi Vending Machine Picture Fans,

I put up a picture of a swiss one on my site Swiss vending Machine

In it are cigarettes among other things.


Anonymous said...

Of the 12 items pictures, I can purchase exactly four of them in California. I miss Canadian snacks. Twice I've talked my brother into sending me a big box of Tuffy's Nuts & Bolts, Old Dutch Rave Salt & Vinegar, Hawkins Cheezies, Mr. Bigs and Oh Henry!s. He complains that the shipping is much more expensive than the snacks, to which I respond, "I can't them here for ANY price, man!!"

Earl J. Woods said...

Ha ha, awesome. Love the Swiss vending machine!

Cheesies are the greatest. Maybe I'll send you some for Christmas, Allan.

Liam J. said...

I didn't think it was legal to send food through the mail.

Then again, are cheesies actually considered to be food, or more of a packing foam?