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Thursday, September 08, 2005


The sinister visage of...EYE-GORE!

Little is known of Eye-Gore, Cyclopean Triple Amputee. Though, like many residents of Earth-69, he possesses paranormal abilities, Eye-Gore has yet to choose a side in the neverending battle between Chaos and Order. (However, he is known to have a somewhat adversarial relationship with ORDER stalwart Rock Savage.)

Wooed by both sides for his incredible combat skills and iron constitution, Eye-Gore is a man to watch, and could tip the balance between good and evil.


Sean Woods said...

Is that form of dress native to the lifeforms of Earth 69, or particular only to our triple amputee friend here?

Sean Woods said...

It angers me that my question has not been answered.

Earl J. Woods said...

That form of dress is not uncommon on Earth 69; in fact, it's somewhat unremarkable. Eye-Gore probably bought it off the rack.