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Monday, January 02, 2006

How I Spent My Solstice Vacation

In a couple days I start my new job, so it seems appropriate to report on some of my activities since leaving Hole's back in October.

Caught in the act of housekeeping.

Naturally, I spent some time catching up on a few unfamiliar activities, including helping Sylvia with the laundry.

Jeff, Colin and Pete prepare for another round of violent role-playing.

I had plenty of free time for social activities, participating in a number of healthy roleplaying sessions. (During this particular adventure, we had to slaughter several astronauts who were possessed by evil alien beings.)

After seeing King Kong.

Sylvia and I took in a few movies, both at home and at the theatre. I really enjoyed King Kong, particularly the New York sequences and the magnificently staged climax, while Sylvia found the extensive CGI distracting.

Sylvia and the goat.

On Christmas Eve, our friends Colin and Julie were kind enough to invite us over to their acreage for snacks and companionship. There, Sylvia was introduced to this charming baby goat.

Too much cuteness can cause acute nausea., we are not getting a goat.

Sylvia rips open her presents.

Later that evening, we travelled to Sylvia's parents' place to open some Christmas presents.

Beware falling wrapping paper.

The following morning, we repeated the task at my parents' abode.

Earl prepares for the New Year's Eve gathering.

Sylvia and I decided that we should try to host some sort of event this year, which gave me a reason to vacuum.

Woods Bros. Representin', Yo!

Sean came over to help.

Battle of the Seans!

Sean was beside himself before the event.

Sylvia looks on in horror as Sean gulps down a whole bottle of champagne!

But a little liquid courage went a long way.

Earl and Sylvia pose (photo by Sean Woods).

Sylvia and I were looking forward to a better year. 2005 was a little rough, from Lois' passing to family health problems to my own career changes.

Sean catches a bubble (photo by Mike Totman).

With the right attitude, however, such challenges can be overcome.

More tomfoolery in 2006!

Our friends Carl and Suzanne, Mike, and Jim and Marcia joined Sean and Sylvia and I for the passing of one year to the next, and while the gathering was small, I think everyone had a good time. I know I certainly did!

Sylvia and I have resolved to have more fun in 2006, and to respond more effectively to crises. I thought perhaps we might use our place to host Cranium tournaments, so watch this space for dates and times!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you don't want a goat? I've got six, and I don't mind sharing.

susan_rn92 said...

Yes, get a cute widdle goat! He would have so much fun running around the condo and chewing on everything.
I love pictures of Earl doing housework. Makes me think I should get Jeff to do the vacuuming, and put away the decorations, and fix the toilet. Oh, wait, fixing stuff is my job. Happy New Year, Earl and Sylvia!

Sean Woods said...

I'm sure the picture of Earl doing housework was staged; there really isn't any other logical explanation.

Note: It amazes me how much Jeff and Jeremiah look alike nowadays. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone. Earl, you did a great job illustrating our Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities. It was a fun-filled time with great friends, family, laughter and yes, a very cute goat!!!! Earl put his foot down and said "no way" to bringing that sweet little goat home. Sorry Colin. And to the shocked and disbelievers, Earl does the vacuuming and cleaning of the bathtub. Of course this happens with much "prompting".......LOL!

Peace Out,

Sean Woods said...

Did you say "peace out?"

It appears that some of my street cred is FINALLY rubbing off on you.