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Saturday, January 07, 2006

William Shatner's Next Project

I think William Shatner, the 21st century's King of Irony, should consider this. Bill, for your next project, I'd like you to cover Right Said Fred's hit single, "I'm Too Sexy."

I've heard you sing it many times in my head since I came up with idea last week, and I can't wait to hear if your interpretation is as spellbinding as it sounds within the echoing depths of my fevered brain.

Please, Bill - do it for me, and for the people of our bewildered Earth.

I'm too sexy for the Shat - how sexy is that?


Anonymous said...

Not so much about that entry, but your profile: I believe that you are no longer a ghostwriter.

Earl J. Woods said...

You're right. I should fix that.

Anonymous said...

"But what about that rich Corinthi - ahn,
Ricardo Montalban,
I'm not as sexy as ... KHHAAAAAANN!"