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Monday, September 18, 2006

It's Quite Unusual (For Tom Jones to Play the Dump)

It's quite unusual for Tom Jones to play the dump
It's quite unusual but he has to prime the pump
So when Dad, Sean and I took some bulky garbage out
We were indeed quite shocked to see him sing and shout
Oh, there was no doubt

It's quite unusual to sing about old trash
It's even more unusual to do so with some dash
So when Sean chucked a cushion into the garbage pile
I sat back and just watched the big show for a while
Atop a garbage pile

It's not unusual to fill up our land with trash
Nor so unusual for Tom Jones to earn some cash
But if you ever saw the two in harmony, you might just think you'd gone crazy
Maybe it happens all the time, oh whoa ohhhhh
Trash will never go where you want it to
Why won't this crazy junk decline?

It's quite unusual to see singers at the dump
It's quite unusual to see Woods brothers at the dump
But sometimes garbage piles up and then you must take a trip
Haul a hide-a-bed upstairs and hope that you don't slip

oh whoa oh oh oh oh...


Totty said...

Please tell me that second picture is you smarting from being hit on the head by the spontaneously unfolding hide-a-bed.

Earl J. Woods said...

I wish it were so, but in fact I'm merely puzzled because we put the hide-a-bed into the truck bed backwards.

Sean Woods said...

I TRIED to put it in the correct way, but Earl did not comply.

Granted, I only used body language to convey my meaning.