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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She Married a Scientist from Inner Edmonton

On July 14, my old friends Jeff and Susan Shyluk arrived in Edmonton to help celebrate the nuptials of our mutual friend and University of Alberta Star Trek Club accomplice, Dr. Michael Snyder, a scientist, to the charming and enigmatic Naomi Littlewood.

Susan and Jeff Shyluk

On the fateful morning of the 15th, Jeff and Susan kindly made breakfast for Sylvia and I. Once our morning repast was complete, we dressed up, packed ourselves into Jeff and Susan's rental car, and made our way to Inglewood Park, just a few metres distant from my old apartment complex, Baywood Park.

We headed north on 170th street, stopping for a red light just south of the Mayfield Inn. Crossing the avenue before us was a black van towing an orange two-wheel trailer. The trailer looked a little shaky, and I wondered if it were going to come loose of the van's hitch. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind than it changed from idle speculation to grim reality, and the four of us goggled in slack-jawed wonder as the trailer came free of its moorings, bouncing along behind the van, sparks and chips of asphalt flying.

I wondered if the driver of the van was going to stop. Sure enough, he did, and the careening trailer bounced off a curb and smashed into the van's rear with a deafening screech of metal on metal. A bald, husky, puzzled man emerged from the van, bewilderment filling his eyes as he surveyed the damage to his vehicle.

As a devoted lover of slapstick comedy, I couldn't help but laugh. I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I was cackling, despite the sympathy I genuinely held for the man's predicament. Jeff didn't help matters by saying "Where's the trailer?" over and over again in a "puzzled hick" voice.

Jeff goes YARRRGH!

That bizarre interlude concluded, we finished the journey to Inglewood park. The wedding ceremony was short and sweet, and featured a lovely quote from the cult film The Princess Bride, a touch I appreciated.

Naomi and Michael with their son Elliot

Here's the newly-sealed couple with their strapping young son, flanked by several members of the bridal party.

Michael and Steven Neumann

Here's the groom and our old friend Steven Neumann, Susan's older brother.

Jeff and Susan at the reception

Sylvia and I at the reception

As is usual at these human affairs you Earth people call "weddings," a reception followed the ceremony. Here many carbon units feasted upon the flesh of other carbon units. The flesh was good, far better than you find at most weddings.

Steven sticks his finger in Jeff's ear

Some of the flesh-sampling rituals puzzled me. But they were entertaining. Foolish Earthlings!

Susan and Jeff boogie

Unfortunately, this wedding also included that aggravating human ritual known as "dancing."

Susan and Michael dance

Susan and Michael dance as Jeff looks on

Sylvia and Jeff dance

Sylvia and Earl dance

I was unable to avoid participating.

Susan cuts Jeff in twain

Recognize this pose?

Foolish Earth beings! Your Jedi weapons are no match for the peerless might of me!

University of Alberta Star Trek Club mini-reunion

Gathered here, some of the membership and executive of the University of Alberta Star Trek Club, circa 1987-1991.

University of Alberta Star Trek Club Secret Salute

We hope that Michael and Naomi's marriage is long and prosperous.

A young family begins its journey


Sean Woods said...

That "Star Wars" pose is sensational.

I'm constantly amazed by what Sylvia puts up with.

Totty said...

So, what was the PB quote? "Wuv, twoo wuv"?

Earl J. Woods said...

It was the little speech the bishop gave at the wedding of Buttercup and the bad guy. And yes, "wuv, twoo wuv" was included.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel like I "put up" with much - on most days - ha! Lest you forget what a "little ham" I can be although not as quirky as Earl.

This wedding was alot of fun and the accompanying photos are really nice.

It was a really fun weekend!


Sean Woods said...

Syvlie Boucher est une petite jambon! C'est vrai!

Sean Woods? Il est un homme incroyable...mais, il est tres fou, aussi - n'est pas?

Mon francis est meilluer que Earl!

(or something like that)

Dig it.