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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Butchart Off the Charts

Back in 2009 Sylvia and I visited Vancouver Island and The Butchart Gardens. I was most impressed with one of the Gardens' most stunning features, the sunken garden, an old mine site transformed into a spectacular Eden. Atop the sunken garden mound stands a massive red-wooded tree; if you look at the people near the bottom of the photo, you begin to appreciate the scale of the tree and the garden that surrounds it. Even this image captures but a tiny slice of the sunken garden's scope.


Tammy said...

Those gardens are spectacular. I am heading there this spring to see them again. Just can't get enough!

"We'll Always Jeff Paris" said...

If you go/when you go, be sure to budget time for the weekend fireworks. They will blow your mind! An absolutely spectacular show, absolutely not to be missed. Also, you can book picnic lunches in advance at the Tea House. The food is excellent, and the surroundings are lush.

You will spend a fortune on admission, food, parking, and souvenirs, so don't go expecting to be cheap. You might be able to find some dollars-off entry coupons, which would help. I don't reccommend taking the bus: the trip is long, and after fireworks it's a very long wait to leave the park.

A visit to the Butchart is mandatory, regardless of the cost. A beautiful and uplifting place!