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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lake Driveway

From Neptune's hairy bosom wept the muck-laden waters of Lake Driveway
Those Aegean tears rose inexorably to creep along the pale cement of Earl's garage
But hale Vulcan looked up from his forge and saw beauteous Sylvia swooning with anxiety
And so granted her lover Earl a boon - the boon of the Vulcan Shuttle Shovel

With sneakers sodden, Earl braved the churning waters, a Scylla of piled snow on one side, Charybdis of packed ice on the other, forming a whirlpool of muddy waves

Again and again the shovel fell to scoop up the brown torrent, then rose to fling it beyond the ice berm that threatened home and thousands of comic books

Cursing his condo association, who assured him that the drain surely wouldn't get blocked again, frustrated Earl bailed and bailed until he bit the dust snow and could bail no more

But merciful Apollo, looking down from his fiery chariot, felt pity for the mortal
And with a wave of his stately hand, eased the sun's radiance, and lo the pace of melting did slow
And Earl, looking up from his snow-encrusted slumber, saw that the waters were receding.

With muttered thanks to all the gods he didn't believe in, Earl trod soddenly home, hung up Vulcan's mud-stained shovel, and retired to his blog. 

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