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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Pyramid of Iforget

Saturday Night D&D, the game of kings! Or knights, at least. Squires, perhaps. Dogsbodies..?

Last night I noted that Jeff Pitts and his Dungeons and Dragons character Rilion share one important trait: both have a lot of hit points, and both lose them with astonishing regularity. And yet no matter how brutal the accident/beating, Jeff and Rilion always bounce back from unconsciousness to fight another day.

Background: Jeff slams his head into the table. Foreground: Jeff's character Rilion, with sword, faces off against a two-headed head-collecting ettin, with axe.
A little earlier in the evening I sent Sylvia this image of my character Timbre fighting off a pair of hammer-wielding dwarves. They were part of a dastardly ambushing party who jumped us while we were searching for the pyramid of...uh, I forget, I wasn't the one taking notes.

"Your little man needs to stab more people," she texted, capturing the essence of the game in just a few words. I did my best, but as a bard I'm more about the lute (seen here in my left hand) than loot (ing bodies).

It had been four months since we last played, so a few of us couldn't remember where we were or what we were doing - Dungeons and Dragons campaigns are like that sometimes. "Do we have horses?" Pete asked, scanning his character sheet.

"Yes we do," I answered. "And I even named mine: Half-Note. It would BEHOOVE you to do the same," I quipped.

The chorus of groans was music to my bard's ears.


Totty said...

You forgot to mention your triumphant punching away the pencil Stephen threw at you.

Earl J. Woods said...

Oh yeah, my ninja move! That was pretty amazing, all right. And totally on purpose.

"The Jeffhead" said...

A no-holds bard night of knights.