Friday, June 14, 2013

Tent Trailer Time Capsule

When we lived in northern Manitoba camping served as our main leisure activity. But before we enjoyed the relative luxury of the camper that used to perch atop our old yellow Ford crew cab, we explored the wilderness with our tent trailer. I don't remember much about the tent trailer except for a few hazy images of the interior and the way it seemed to take forever to open up when Mom or Dad turned the unfolding crank.

This photo really captures the 1970s: Dad's wearing plaid pants, there are Rothman's cigarettes tucked in his shirt pocket (it seems like practically everyone smoked back then), and the milk carton is rainbow-coloured. I'm also amused by the way I'm standing at attention in the background, waiting for Dad's photo op to end, unaware that I, too, am being captured in the frame.

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