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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Earl's Ebooks

When my friend Bruce published the list of books he read in 2013, he also noted his steadily evolving reading habits - to wit, most of the stuff he reads comes in electronic form now.

Most of the books I read in in 2013 were physical books, but a growing number came in electronic format. I downloaded the classics on the list (The Jungle Book, The Art of War, The Metamorphosis, White Fang) from the app store, while all the Tarzan books I read after Tarzan and the City of Gold (as well as the Pellucidar novels) were found on Project Gutenberg Australia, where the Tarzan novels have fallen out of copyright.

I still far prefer physical books over e-books, but I'm willing to admit that in a pinch - say, for example, when you simply can't find a physical copy of what you're looking for - they do the job.

This year, then, 10 of the 112 books I read were e-books. At this rate, I'll probably still be reading physical books on my deathbed.

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