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Sunday, March 29, 2015

McDonald's Malapropism

Yesterday Sylvia and I, in possession of some cash-saving coupons, braved the McDonald's drive-through for breakfast. Midway through placing our order, Sylvia suggested we make use of a second coupon. I turned to tell her you could only use one at a time, and while I was doing that the young man on the intercom was saying something else. Confused, I turned back to the speaker and said: 

"What was that, baby?" if I were still speaking to Sylvia. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, broken only by Sylvia's stifled hysteria. 

"I mean...what was that...sir?" I gasped, face flushed with embarrassment. 

"It's all good," he said. 

Our breakfast came out all right despite everything. 

1 comment:

Jeff Shyluk said...

It's no wonder you were flustered and embarrassed, I would be too.

Everybody knows it's the A&W drive-thru that's the one you call the intercom attendant "baby", not MacDonald's. MacDonald's is "pussycat", Burger King is "lover", Wendy's is "lambikins", and Dairy Queen is "monkey". Pretty sure that's on the sign.