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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Gaming & Guinness XIV Day 1

AND as has become tradition, Gaming & Guinness XIV began with the towering spectacle of Giant Jenga;
AND lo, did Scott contemplate the tower and likened it to that built at Babel, to great calamity;
THEN did noble Rob test his mettle against the Tower;
THEN did Island Mike and Stephen carefully assault the Tower, each by each;
AND lo, did Scott and Earl look on with visages perturbed;
THEN did Mike T assess the crumbling edifice;
AND lo, did all the G&G men gather to wonder at their peculiar predicament;
BUT then did Pete's unsteady hand topple the tower, and all was confusion and madness.
THEN amid the ruins did they play Zombie Dice, gathering brains;
BUT the bones rolled displeased the group, and they moved on.
THEN did they begin the duel of intellects, and wielded heavily the mark of X;
THEN did they play Movie Timelines, and lo, the Earl drew the easy cards;
AND the others looked on in wonder as the Earl ran away with the victory.
THEN did they play Anomia with tongues tied;
AND THEN, did they imperil Mr. Bond and other agents secret as the sun waned and moon waxed. 

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