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Friday, August 30, 2019

Down with the Sickness

Jeb Bush is all up in my disease, as the slogan goes
A disease of the throat, lungs, and nose
Seven nights without repose
When will this sickness see its close?
Pretty darn soon I hope

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Jeff Shyluk said...

To what base origin do we owe the common cold?
Stopper of noses, waterer of eyes, clogger of throats
Summon'd forth from some eldritch testament of old
Come from the antipodes on cars and planes and boats

To liquid curse our our wakeful nights and torpid days
Rivers of slime and slurping yuck our companion plague
Constant fluid, nose-blown goose honking on malaise
Begot from a snot-soaked babe which sneezed on our leg

Heed the mortal pendulum tick in tempo to the clack in our lung
Past how many numbers will fever's clock hand sweep along?
Three weeks' worth of seconds must chant in chorus unsung
Three more weeks of random hacking ere the spell is undone

For what is Humankind to the Virus?
Scant more than its fleshy schoolbus.