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Monday, August 05, 2019

Earl of Green Gables, Day Four: St. John's and an Atlantic Vision

It turns out that St. John's' Jellybean Row is not so much an address as an attitude. We spent some time fruitlessly searching for "the" Jellybean Row, only to discover that it's really all over St. John's.
I really wish the rest of Canada would adopt this approach to housing. We desperately need colour, especially during the long, drab days of winter. Instead, we have flavours of beige, row on row.
We also visited Signal Hill and its famous Cabot Tower.
After one last drive around St. John's, we drove to Argentia to catch our ferry to the Maritimes, the Atlantic Vision: 
Atlantic Vision was a pleasant surprise; we enjoyed a large, well-appointed cabin and truly superb dining options. 
In fact, the cod trio I had for dinner may have been my favourite seafood dish of the entire trip. 

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