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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hardware Connections

A few days ago I watched Color Out of Space, a pretty decent adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's creepy Cthulu Mythos tale. After logging the film in Letterboxd, I reviewed the rest of director Richard Stanley's filmography, and was surprised to discover he directed cyberpunk thriller Hardware, a considerably less accomplished film, in my view.

However, Hardware features a pretty catchy tune by Public Image Ltd., "The Order of Death," or as I always remember it, "This is what you want...this is what you get...this is what you want...this is what you get..."

I haven't seen Hardware or heard the song in years, so I was surprised earlier tonight to hear "The Order of Death" featured in a late season two episode of Mr. Robot, which Sylvia and I are working our way through. (An excellent series, by the way.)

It means nothing, of course; such connections are all around us. But it still struck me as a little weird. 

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