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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Fallout Fridges

Here we have a pair of ancient post-apocalyptic refrigerators. Inspired by my 1970s childhood, I have painted one Puke Yellow and the other Bile Green. The weathering on the yellow fridge is more obvious in this photo. 

I'm starting to get the hang of how to paint complex surfaces such as this. I now paint the deepest parts first, not worrying too much about spillover, then dry brush the raised surfaces. This seems to work fairly well. 


Totty said...

Are those the names of the paints, or your descriptors? Because someone has never seen actual bile if they think it's dark green like that.

Jeff Shyluk said...

You have successfully painted your fridges in Edmonton Eskimos - errr, Elks colours. Those are indeed the official names of the team colours as well: Puke Yellow and Bile Green.