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Monday, August 02, 2021

Yellow Corvega

Here's an abandoned, centuries-old Corvega, a piece of terrain for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. I think this time I went overboard with the grime and failed to add sufficient weathering. Luckily I have another Corvega to experiment with. 


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Jeff Shyluk said...

Time to introduce you to the "pounce" technique. Pounce is traditionally used to transfer a drawing onto a painting surface. You take vellum tracing paper, draw your image on it, and then prick a million tiny holes along your lines. You put the vellum on your surface and pounce it with a bag filled with fine chalk. The chalk goes through the dots and you are left with a ghostly image of your drawing.

That will do you no good because your car is so small. But you could hit it directly with a fine sponge or a small teabag loaded with just a tiny amount of your paint. It's more like dry-brush than sponging, and it should hide your brush strokes, which are showing.

Or, to eliminate brush strokes, use less paint on your brush but do more coats. Brush more across the contour of your model, diagonally one way then diagonally the other in overlapping X- or Z-shaped patterns. Try to avoid brushing along the contour.