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Thursday, November 04, 2021

The 28mm Bride

Here she is, the Bride of Frankenstein in all her black and white glory. The hair kinda works, and I like the bandaged arms, but her poor face looks messed up. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

The Bride Of Frankenstein has to be my absolute favourite horror movie of all time! The acting, the script, the dread and the humour, and the effects all still stand up today. The ending is dynamite! I never tire of watching this movie.

The Bride was seven feet tall: she wore platform shoes and her own long hair was done up in a cage so that it would stand up straight and electrified. Her dialogue was the actress performing her imitation of swans hissing but played backwards, and her eyes were taped open to prevent her from blinking. Yow!

So seeing as the original towered at seven feet and yours is three centimeters, I can see where some detail might end up being lost. She doesn't blink, though, does she?

Earl J. Woods said...

"We belong dead" is one of the great lines of all time. I, too, love this film unabashedly.