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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Mirror, Mirror, on the Blog

Behold my magic mirror! I really like Citadel's Retributor Armor paint, which I used on the mirror's frame. It goes on really smoothly and has a lovely rich gold colour. I used the same company's Stormhost Silver for the mirror itself, and it's not quite as nice; it tends to slump and the sheen isn't as silvery as I'd like. But at this tiny scale, it works.


Jeff Shyluk said...

Those metallic paints are really something, no doubt. In my experience, you can't get a mirror finish out of paint, but you could with other applications. A bit of shiny mylar might do the trick. Next time someone has a birthday at work, be a wet blanket and pop the balloon then steal its corpse.

A more traditional option is gilding, which can be done with gold or silver, maybe other metals. However, gilding is very technical and expensive, especially for just one postage stamp. Maybe you know someone who gilds? There's always wastage that would be more than enough for your mirror. I can gild a bit, but I doubt I could get the finish you want.

You last option is heavy coats of the shiniest varnish you can find. That will sort of work.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Or mirror-finish tape. That would work, no doubt. Plenty of uses for the rest of the roll.

Chrome nail polish. Some of that looks good. I've never used it, but it might work. Seems to be a two-stage process, the paint (plus maybe silver powder) and then a shiny top-coat. What you don't use on your models, Sylvia could no doubt use.