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Monday, March 04, 2024

Microplastics Man

Microplastics are in the news, and the news is microplastics are in all of us. I figure at least a few of us may mutate into superbeings, so I asked Bing to create Microplastics Man. Here are a few of my favourite results: 


Jeff Shyluk said...

I think I like the second one the best, although his eyes are hidden. The one a couple doors down, where "He Can Transform His Body With Any Prololution" is also something to behold. I like that the body is the costume, and it's made of a million fiddly bits, although that would be murder to illustrate. The one that looks hand-drawn would be more or less how I The Human Artist might try to approach that version.

A couple of thoughts. One, that the transformation from person to plastic probably means Microplastic Man doesn't have a civilian alter-ego. However, he would easily blend in with the Kardashians, so there is that. Two, is Microplastic Man a hero or a villain? I like that he is collecting microplastics, but the more he collects the more twisted and powerful he becomes, Al Gore-like. Ideally, Microplastic Man should meet Blue Bin and Recycler Lass, and those guys would be the heroes, right? So much moral ambiguity, yet it's the the oil barons who win.

Earl J. Woods said...

In this brave new world, we are all Microplastics Mammals, free to choose the path of good or evil. However, I like the idea of an evil Microplastics Man facing off against conservationist enemies. Would their titanic battle achieve net zero? I have my doubts.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Well, I thought about it. In my capacity as Human Artist Man, I would draw a superhero with a blank white costume. Then, I'd draw out all the microplastic squigglage in a separate page. If I was allowed to use Photoshop, I'd make a stamp out of the pattern and use that to keep filling Microplastic Man's detail. If i was making a physical image, I'd go to a printer and get the greebles printed out as press-on decals I could use to fill that space.