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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Change One Letter of a Star Trek Episode Part Three

"The Mage"--Captain Christopher Pike and his stalwart crew encounter the mysterious Xevious Galagan, who claims to be a powerful mage with the means to destroy the Enterprise. But is he sorcerer or charlatan?

"Where No Mao Has Gone Before"--The Enterprise uses the slingshot maneuver to transfer a United Earth team of historians to study the Chinese Civil War undercover. But when they return to the future, they find it inexorably changed . . . 

"She, Corbomite Maneuver"--A beautiful alien causes chaos on the Enterprise with an irresistible erotic technique she calls the Corbomite Maneuver.

"Fudd's Women"--an irascible rabbit hunter from the 20th century is rescued from hibernation--but he falls in love with the three Enterprise crew responsible for reviving him.

"The Man Tray"--The Enterprise visits a strange new world where women rule, and men are served up on platters--literally...

"The Baked Time"--An accident in sickbay releases all the THC in the ship's stores at the same time, and the crew mellows out.

"Charlie Y"--An Earth teen named Charlie desperately seeks to live out his existence with a species of emotionally distant, non-corporeal aliens, and Captain Kirk wants to know why.


Jeff Shyluk said...

No doubt "Journey To Bagel" is coming up. The Enterprise crew, after a long mission to the farthest corner of the galaxy, are trying to return to Federation space in time for Purim. The fastest way home is through the heart of a large donut-shaped space anomaly, but the map to get there is in the menu of an anachronous Jewish deli. What's not to like?

"Friday's Chill". It's the end of the work week, and nobody wants to do anything that could endanger starting the week-end a little early. Often referred to by fans as "The Seinfeld Episode" for a remarkable lack of anything that happens, this despite taking place in a large underground parking lot under a busy Chinese restaurant. Also, the episode runs in reverse.

"Patterns Of Farce". Jerry Lewis boards the Enterprise. Everything that happens defies logic, but the episode is very popular in France.

"Be Any Other Name" Ensign Pork Chop Oink boards the Enterprise. The crew begs them to take on a new identity. The result is Pork Chop Manson. Not great, but it's enough, I guess.

"Assignment: Garth" The Enterprise races back in time to try to avert the violent tooth loss of a small boy in a basketball-themed episode apparently understood by two or maybe three people tops. Avoid.

"And The Children Shall Blead" no. No! NO!! Just the worst, make it stop. And the spelling is atrocious as well.

"The Salvage Curtain" Kirk and Spock find a nice blackout drape in an intergalactic flea market that allows them finally to move in together into the same quarters, satisfying the desires of legions of slashfic fans. When deployed, Kirk can to stay up with the light on and read while Spock sleeps, or vice versa. It's also pretty good at blocking snoring noises, which relieves Spock from having to employ the Vulcan Death Grip just to be able to get a couple hours of uninterrupted zizz.

Earl J. Woods said...

The world is not ready for "Assignment: Garth." But I am!