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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Change One Letter of a Star Trek Episode Part One

 "Valence of Terror"--a chemistry experiment has gone wrong, giving Mr. Spock twice his strength, endurance, intelligence, and charisma. But does absolute power corrupt absolutely..?

"What Are Vittle Girls Made Of?"--While on a diplomatic mission to assess a new world's eligibility to join the Federation, Kirk uncovers a disturbing phenomenon--this appears to be a culture where limited, ceremonial cannibalism continues as a sacred tradition . . .

"Dagger of the Kind"--On a familiar but somehow deeply alien world, Uhura finds out that some forms of kindness can kill . . .

"Piri"--The Enterprise surveys a planet of strange cities decorated with floating spheres, and for reasons unknown, some members of the crew begin to mutiny in an effort to live on the new world forever. Guest starring Catherine Schell as Piri.

"The Conscience of the Bing"--an ancient, primitive Earth AI is accidentally given sapience during a routine software update. Now it wants the Enterprise, and it's rapidly growing smarter than the crew. Can Kirk find a diplomatic solution?

"The Galileo Semen"--An ill-timed sexual emergency on the Galileo shuttlecraft creates a messy--and dangerous--situation.

"Court Partial"--Sulu, once ship's physicist, now ship's helm, decides he wants to pursue another career change--the law. But a mischievous alien decides to test Sulu's aptitude by putting his friends on trial in a kangaroo court--and only Sulu for the Defense can help them escape a deadly sentence!

"The Menagerie, Part A"--Fleet Captain Pike visits his old ship, and presents Kirk with a bizarre mission: to assemble an alien zoo by collecting specimens from across the Federation. Has Pike gone mad? A disturbed Spock plans to find out, even as Captain Kirk reluctantly follows Pike's orders.

"The Menagerie, Part Z"--Spock uncovers the real reason his old captain is creating an interplanetary zoo--and now he's forced into the impossible position of betraying one captain or another.

"Shore Heave"--On an Earthlike world whose civilization is being devastated by global warming, Kirk must attempt a controversial and untested geo-engineering method to save a coastline populated by millions.

"The Squirt of Gothos"--An alien takes the form of a little Earth child and is both adorable and annoying as hell, testing the crew's patience.

"Areno"--On planet Areno, Space Gladiators gather to challenge each other. But a diplomatic misunderstanding puts Dr. McCoy in the alien arena--armed with only his wits!


Totty said...

I'm sorry, "Valence" is a two letter change from "Balance", I'm afraid your entire article is invalid.

Earl J. Woods said...

What the--aiieeeee!