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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Floppies on the Wall

I keep hearin' you look down upon my Atari
But you can keep your Commodore because I'm quite happy
If I was sittin' at your desk I wouldn't dare disdain
Because hangin' on my wall I have the best of '80s games

Hangin' floppies on the wall
8-bit glory one and all
Playin' Autoduel 'till dawn, painting floors with Bounty Bob
Drinking too much Coke and watchin' Star Trek: TNG
Now don't tell me I don't have it good

Last night I talked to Lord British and flew a jet in Stealth
With a joystick in my hand I feel in perfect health
So even though your Commodore is plenty cool and keen
I'll stick with my Atari as my primary games machine

RealSports Tennis with young Sean, 40 Love but I'll play on
The best version of Donkey Kong and Shamus you can't go wrong
Burning pizza boxes from yellow submarine
Now don't tell me I misunderstood (...the instructions)

I'm glad you stopped by but I must return to my keyboard
Star Raiders calling and I'm trying to beat my high score
And besides you haven't heard the latest 8-bit dope
Pitfall Harry's only hope is the shiny golden rope

Playin' 8-bit 80s games
You might think I'd go insane
Chasing virtues and my fate from Ultima 2 through 8
Swinging vines in Jungle King, boxing in a virtual ring
Now don't tell me the '80s weren't good...

Now don't tell me the '80s weren't good...

(With apologies to the Statler Brothers)

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