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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts on the Final Man of Steel Trailer

I've been suckered by slick trailers before, but if Man of Steel is even half as exciting and inspiring as this clip, it'll be well worth a trip to the multiplex. My favourite moments:

"They'll kill him."

"Can't I just keep pretending to be your son?"
"You are my son."

"In time, they will join you in the sun."

And most of all:

"It's not an S. On my world, it means hope."

I'm very excited that Nolan and Snyder seem to be using a first contact story to ground the film, a fantastic idea that's perfectly suited to Superman's history and glossed over in every other interpretation of the character. Any extraterrestrial life making its way to Earth would be the biggest news in history, a world-changing event, and the film seems to be treating Superman's discovery in just that way. When I first heard that General Zod would serve as the film's villain I was a little leery, but in this context - he's hunting down Superman for reasons that are, from his point of view, legitimate - it could work wonderfully.

I'm still leery of Zack Snyder's track record, but perhaps Chris Nolan's influence has helped the director mature. If nothing else, it's clear the film's cinematography is going to be gorgeous, and I hope that the wondrous music used in the trailer is Zimmer's, and that it's actually from the film (a sad rarity for trailers).

Finally, you couldn't ask for a better cast. Amy Adams could be the most credible Lois Lane ever, Henry Cavill makes a great golden age-esque Superman, and Costner and Crowe as Superman's two dads look amazing. Also - Toby Ziegler as Professor Hamilton! Inspired.

I can't wait for June 14th.

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