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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stompin' Sean

Reading memes is fun, but creating your own memes is even better. Here's an easy-to-use cutout of my brother Sean, ready for insertion into whatever funny situation you can imagine. I can think of a whole bunch of Godzilla-themed city-stompin' rampages already!
Here's an example of the fun you can have with the Stompin' Sean meme template.

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"Jeffdemption" said...

It's even easier to cut and paste Sean if he is placed on a chroma backround, like blue, green, or fuscia. Using a black background, you're never going to be totally sure if you are picking up shadow or background.

About the only time I've ever "seen" Sean angry was when I built the Great Library the turn before he was going to do the same thing. Unfortunately, that was during a long-distance multiplayer videogame. Thanks to this great meme stamp, I now have the perfect visual to illustrate that fine event from long ago!