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Monday, April 22, 2013

Strategic Communications Professional for Hire!

For some time I've meant to experiment with Blogger's Pages feature. What better way to begin than by advertising myself? Whether you need a freelance writer for specific projects or a full-time communications professional with over a decade's experience, click on the new "Strategic Communications Professional for Hire!" tab at the top of this blogroll and see if my skills meet your needs.


"Shymok" said...

What a great idea, I applaud how you've seen this through. It's something I've been considering as well, plus monetizing.

The monetizing I've been having trouble with. Beyond that Google gets a percentage of every penny that goes through the blog, and beyond that monetized blogs get better treatment from Blogger than non-monetized ones, I've been having a run of bad times dealing with stuff getting hacked, especially bank accounts and credit cards. I wonder what you think about monetization? That monetization is probably a word is bad enough, I guess.

Earl J. Woods said...

I've been thinking about monetizing the blog for a while, especially since I'm getting very close to the number of daily page views necessary to make the process worthwhile. But I'm not terribly keen on having the blog covered with ads, not to mention the added pressure of coming up with content that people are, in a sense, paying for! Somehow it's a little more fun when it's free. On the other hand, paying the bills is nice too...