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Thursday, March 16, 2006

No Job Too Small...for Superman!

Superman is known for saving the world against impossible odds, but one of the reasons I love the character so much is his simple humanity, and his willingness to help out wherever he's needed. There's no problem so inconsequential that Superman isn't willing to take a moment out of his busy day to address it.

Here, Superman extinguishes a moderately dangerous stovetop fire with one puff of his super-breath. Were you or I in this situation, we would have had to put a lid on the pot to stop the blaze. Not the people of Metropolis!

GREAT KRYPTON! Melting ice cream! Thank goodness for Superman!

Flying the truck up into space seems like an awful lot of trouble for such a trifling problem, but Superman isn't aggravated at all - he's happy to lend a hand. I do wonder why he didn't simply use his super-cold-breath power to chill the ice cream, though.

Gee, Superman, since you're in the neighbourhood, would you mind doing my job for me? Poor Superman. Altruists always get taken advantage of. (And why is the line "Okay, I'll go to the cellar with you" so disturbing?)

I hope there's not a volcano erupting or train derailing somewhere. "Superman, six thousand villagers died with your name on their lips! 'Superman, save us!' they cried! But WHERE WERE YOU?"

"Er, I was playing hula hoops with some of the neighbourhood kids..."

Of course, when a runaway truckful of dynamite is careening towards a helpless toddler, there's only one man to call.

Look...up in the sky!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!


...Superman, help! I can't open this jar of pickles!

Superman! My little girl let go of her balloon!

Superman! Help! I'M POOPING MY PANTS!

The man is a saint.


Benchmark said...

I love those wacky old Superman comics. My mom and dad have a camper, and they still have the box o' comics and toys from when we camped as kids. Some of them are in the "Superman! Help! My toilet won't flush!" vein... but there's one story in that battered box I've always loved. Earl, you'd probably know this one: "For The Man Who Has Everything", by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Here's the picture of the cover. A few months ago, I was flipping channels... and just about fell off my chair when I saw they had made this story into an episode of one of the animated Superman series.

Check this out. I think I had one of these as a kid, too.

Benchmark said...

Hmmm... 'course, sometimes Superman's not as nice as you'd think.

Sean Woods said...

I'm loving your latest string of entries.

Sean Woods said...
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