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Monday, March 13, 2006

Speaking of Sickness

I'm still sick, and sicker thanks to health "reforms" the Alberta government is currently shilling. It's snake oil for the 21st century - reassuring words and a bottle of bitter water.

If anyone wants to accompany me, let me know. March 24th, U of A.


susan_rn92 said...

Wish I could accompany you, but like you said, preaching to the converted, and that is why I (a health care worker) left Alberta.
Canada can learn from the mistakes of other nations including U.K., Australia and U.S. Our leaders just are listening to the wrong advisors.
I have a small bit of pre-reading for those of you interested in a suggested solution from an article in the Calgary Herald. It is a bit heavy on the medical side of things and I would add other health care workers as well.

Earl J. Woods said...

Interesting read, Susan, thanks for the link!