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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fool's Errand

Somewhere, a jester is crying

Sometimes, lost items are pinned to the mail room bulletin board at my condominium complex. On Monday, I discovered that some poor fool - literally - had lost his jester's cap and gloves. Some bereft Punch or Judy is now gloveless, hatless, propless and mirthless.

Ah, sorrowful jackanapes!
Whose hat and gloves somehow escaped
Your merriment and joyful japes
Your jokes fermented to sour grapes.

The lost chapeau of a faceless jester
Whose juggling now will surely fester
An uncrowned head, a bald-faced fool
An instrument of royal rule

Distracting all the fools at court
With games of chance and somesuch sport

The winds they robbed the fool of hat
And that, my blahging fans, is that.

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