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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gaming & Guinness

Gaming & Guinness Logo courtesy of Stephen Fitzpatrick

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, my old friend Stephen Fitzpatrick started a new tradition last month: Gaming & Guinness. Three days of thick beer and geekery, with special guests of honour Mike Parlow and Rob Day, old high school friends in town from Vancouver and Ottawa, respectively.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, Scott Friel, Mike Totman (in green bunny ears, facing away from camera), Mike Parlow, Peter Harris and Rob Day prepare for a weekend of drinking and dice-rolling

Scott and Steve (Hey, Lost reference!) defend the walls of Minas Torth (or whatever)

Mike and Pete prepare to assault the walls of Yog Sototh (or whatever)

MORTAL KOMBAT! dah doo dah doo dee doo...

From Middle Earth to the Middle of a narcissistic is it that I remember I came in second in the first race, but I don't recall who won? (I think it was Mike P.)


After watching MST3K ("Mitchell", one of the finest episodes), I returned home. That's when the great snows came...

By morning, Pete's car was buried. But winter's wrath could not stop G&G!

Defying the blizzard, we gathered for a round of Warhammer, pitting meticulously-painted armies of goblins and trolls against each other. Note Scott's stylish "Han Shot First" t-shirt, a fine example of Krypto-revisionism.

Pete, Rob and Stephen weigh their options as the fierce tabletop battle rages. Note V for Vendetta poster at rear, a film we went out to see scant hours before.

With a rebel yell, they go wild, wild wild. In the midnight hour, they want more, more more - more more gore!

Scary critters threaten to rend all who oppose them limb from limb! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

A panorama of the battle. Note Mike T at far right, grinning maniacally. As always, don't forget to CLICK TO EMBIGGEN!

Not long after snapping this last shot, I left to brave the snow-clogged roads - a story I'll defer to the next post. Thanks to Stephen and Audrey for offering up their home, and to Steve in particular for organizing a most enjoyable time. It was great to see Mike and Rob again, and here's hoping this becomes and annual event.


Anonymous said...

Swell memories of a great time. Thank you Earl! I'm already planning a 'Legends of the Old West' component for next year, so the sooner you start painting... ; ]


Sean Woods said...

Start painting?

Are you actually playing "the hammer" now?


Earl J. Woods said...

I don't think Warhammer will ever really spark enough interest for me to play, but I'm definitely considering delving into Legends of the Old West. I just love the genre.