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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

G&G Post-Script

At about the midway point of G&G, we stopped to enjoy pizza in Steve's kitchen. We noticed that a car on the street outside was clearly deeply mired in the growing drifts. Steve, Scott and Rob, all large, strong types, ventured out to offer assistance. For a moment I dithered, then slipped on my shoes to help out. Steve noted that the three of them should probably be enough to extricate the stricken vehicle, but I shrugged and went along, noting that on a night like this one, you couldn't have too much karma saved up.

So we went out and pushed, sent the blushing driver on his way, and returned to Steve's basement.

A few hours later, I decided I was going to head home. The boys pushed me out of my parking stall and I was on my way...

...for about two blocks. Rounding a corner on one of the snow-packed streets, I was forced to give way for an oncoming truck and found myself thoroughly stuck. For ten minutes, I shovelled, rocked, pushed, shovelled some more...until at last a friendly group of neighbourhood residents emerged from their homes and gave me the push I needed to escape. I made it home without further incident.

On the the drive home, it occured to me that my thoughts on karma had been prescient - and I noted with some amusement that I'd subconsciously set myself up for a demonstration of karma's power much akin to the situations seen on the current sitcom hit, My Name is Earl.

That made me smile.

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