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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do Not Touch the Space Brain

Not many people know that archvillain Lex Luthor has a younger sister, Lena. As seen here, Lex was once a doting older brother, though not quite doting enough to prevent his sister from getting zapped by a space brain. Why Luthor had a space brain in his lab was never explained. Nor did the storytellers ever explain how Luthor obtained a space brain, nor what poor space creature had to do without its space brain to sustain Lex's experiments. In fact, the space brain's one and only appearance is this single panel; it was merely a throwaway plot device to give little Lena telepathic powers.

I wish I lived in a comic book. Touching a space brain in the real world is unlikely to grant you super-powers. Not only that, but what in our world would be the scientific find of all history is treated here like any common lab specimen. Space brain? I have a dozen of those. I store them in the cabinet with the Philosopher's Stone, which I use as a paperweight for my Unified Field Theory.


Sean Woods said...

If you did live in a comic book, I'm 100% positive that you would let your little brother touch dangerous space brains and the like. And then that little brother would tell his mother and she wouldn't believe him.

"Mum, Earl made me touch the space brain!"

"Sean, don't lie."


susan_rn92 said...

Hah! I too have an older brother. But in my case, my brother would probably hide around a corner and pop out and scare me with the space brain, ayiee! I did get to touch a real brain once in nursing school. Nothing happened.