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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Zombies in Calgary

Jeff and Susan prepare for defeat

Sylvia prepares for defeat, Earl for victory

On Saturday, Sylvia and I drove down to Calgary to visit Jeff and Susan Shyluk, who were there to visit Jeff's parents. We first enjoyed two rousing games of Nuclear War - a board game from the height of the Cold War era with a darkly mordant sense of humour. Susan "won" the first game, eliminating the populations of all other nations, while everyone lost the second - a not uncommon result in nuclear war.

We then switched to a hard-fought game of Zombies!!!, using the mall, university and army base expansion packs. It was the largest game of Zombies!!! any of us have ever played, with dozens of ghoulish fiends littering the board and blocking all escape routes.

Late in the game it looked like Susan was going to run away with it, but in a last-minute berserker charge, I hacked apart a half dozen zombies and managed to make my escape in the helicopter, leaving my hapless competitors behind to serve as zombie chow.

As Wesley Snipes quipped in the legendary Passenger 57, "Always bet on black!" (Note the colour of my game token.)


Sean Woods said...

I love the last photo. Classic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Earl was the victor and deservedly so! My hero! Great pictures.

Squishy :)

susan_rn92 said...

The helicopter blades were with the busy hum of an angry hive of bees. Within the cockpit Earl reclined upon the lone passenger seat and popped open what could possibly be have been the last can of Coke available to North American civilization, while many meters below his bosom buddies and life long friends were being rent to pieces by 209 zombies (six government enhanced + three female).
"I wonder where this helicopter will land?" opined Earl.
"Why Haiti, of course," said the pilot, by way of information.
"Haiti?!? Gosh isn't that where Zombies first got their start?" queried Earl, his face turning ashen pale.
"Moo-ha-ha-ha!" laughed the evil pilot. "That's what you get for ditiching your friends to hungry zombies."
Earl cried out: "Nooooooooooo!!!"



Earl J. Woods said...

SNORK! Very amusing, Susan. But I'll have my revenge!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Susan - priceless comment :)