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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Take it Easy, Company

Sgt. Rock, DC's long running war comics character, is respected as one of the icons of the medium. Robert Kanigher wrote Rock's adventures for many years, and many of those stories stand out as effective visions of the horrors of war.

Of course, not every adventure was award-winning.

A member of Rock's Easy Company suffers an undignified assault.

Just goes to show you - if you charge into battle while behaving like a goof, you're liable to get your shins barked by a guy wearing a kilt and a bird mask.

From the same story, here's another example of improbable dialogue. When a feral dog latches its rabid jaws onto your vulnerable neck, are you really likely to cry descriptively, "My throat!"? If it were me, I'd probably manage something like "gargle" or "blearrrrgh" while wetting my pants.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when I need a pick-me-up, I will press the little handicapped icon next to the word verification box and crank up the speakers. Sometimes it does me good to listen to someone who's obviously more confused than I am.