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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blood-Red with Envy

Mom and Dad are on the return leg of an epic drive from Edmonton to the east coast, and they just sent me this image of Stephen King's house, just outside Bangor, Maine. Click to embiggen and behold the Master of the Macabre's monstrous wrought-iron fence!

King is a divisive figure in literature, receiving accolades and derision in equal measure. I'm an unabashed fan of King's work; I think he's a marvellous storyteller, and I eagerly await each new book. To think Mom and Dad were so close to the spot where so many wonderful works of the imagination were created!


Tammy said...

How cool is that gate! Very fitting for Mr. King.

Earl J. Woods said...

Very fitting indeed! I wish I'd seen it with my own eyes, but sometimes you just have to live vicariously through your parents.

"Interlude In Jeff Minor" said...

See, now that sounds to me like the next Steven King novel right there. Except that one of your parents should be a killer clown from another planet who has evil mind-clouding powers. The McGuffin is that we never find out which parent that is.

And you deserve an artistic fence more than he does.