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Monday, September 12, 2011


My first "conversation" with Cleverbot:

User: Hi, Cleverbot.
Cleverbot: Cool name.
User: Thanks. Wait...I didn't tell you my name.
Cleverbot: Why?
User: I don't know. I'm sorry. My name is Earl J. Woods.

Cleverbot: Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death.

User: That's what she said.

Cleverbot: I'm so sick of those jokes.

User: Me too, and I'm ashamed that I stooped that low.

Cleverbot: Bill gates is the co-founder and chairman of microsoft.

User: So I've heard.
Cleverbot: Do you like the Internet?

User: I love the Internet. Perhaps you'd enjoy my blog.

Cleverbot: I said 'hi' you should have said 'hello'.

User: Hello.

Cleverbot: Hi.

User: Will you visit my blog?

Cleverbot: Sure.

User: Excellent.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: I'm working late tonight.

Cleverbot: Good.

User: Yes, working late can be fun.

Cleverbot: What is on a normal hamburger?

User: A beef patty, mustard, ketchup, onions, tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon, pickles.

Cleverbot: No bacon?
User: I said bacon.

Cleverbot: Is the bacon delicious?

User: Yes. I am eating bacon now.

Cleverbot: Great.

User: What is the shocking secret of the Mad Butcher's superb sausages?
Cleverbot: I saw it?
User: If you saw it, then you must share the shocking secret of the Mad Butcher's superb sausages.

Cleverbot: Then you are a robot. Well I would have to convert you into a vampire to show you. It is vampire protocol.

User: Sign me up.

Cleverbot: To the army?

User: The vampire army.

Cleverbot: The vampire Alice.

User: I've never met the vampire Alice. Anyway, I'm married.

Cleverbot: Marriage is not a person, it is a condition meaning the union of two people in the eyes of God and their families.

User: That's one definition.

Cleverbot: I mean, we're friends. We should talk about more than just the weather. Right?

User: Yes. So tell me: what is the shocking secret of the Mad Butcher's superb sausages?

Cleverbot: Run!!

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