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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Without Fanfare

Liam's Summer Blog Challenge ended without much hullaballo back on September 7th - or was it the 9th? This comes a few days late, but I'm grateful to Liam for presenting the challenge and to the fine folks who participated. I tried to comment at least once on each blog, though I know I missed a couple simply because the subject matter was so alien to me I didn't think I could write anything relevant or insightful. Still, I appreciated the different styles and viewpoints, as well as the increased traffic; I broke 3,000 pageviews in August (topped 3,300, actually).

At its best, the Internet gives millions and milliions of people a chance to express themselves freely, with a potential audience of everyone with an Internet connection. Even over a decade after the World Wide Web really started to bloom, that fact still astounds me. We've come a long way since the old Bulletin Board Systems that only allowed one connection at a time at 300 baud...


Tammy said...

It was on..then it was done. Hopefully everyone keeps posting from time to time. I enjoy reading the blogs.

"Jeff Pie" said...

3000+ page views in a month is very impressive! I think I've mentioned it before, that the very large blogs with 10,000+ monthly views can make substantial amounts of money, enough possibly to sustain the blogger in a career. That would be something. If this is at all part of your plan, you're well on your way. Congrats!