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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The 1980s-est Book Ever Written

...just might be William Gibson's Neuromancer, which I have at last read, a mere 30 years after it was published. Cyberspace, the matrix, mirrorshades, hacking, exotic drugs, exotic fashion...I didn't expect it to be about AIs, though, nor was I expecting an outer space habitat. You can't learn everything by cultural osmosis, it seems.

As I grow older, catching up on cultural touchstones takes on a melancholy air. I'll only be 45 next year, but even so I feel the weight of time bearing down, reminding me that if I don't get to War and Peace (to use just one example) sometime in the next couple of decades, it's not going to happen.

Well - Neuromancer is off the list, at least. Was it worth the investment? Hard to say. At least now I know what the fuss was about, way back when I was 15.

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