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Friday, September 05, 2014

High Hopes for High Rise

Today I learned that J.G. Ballard's wonderful novel High Rise will be adapted to film by British director Ben Wheatley, starring Tom Hiddleston (better known as Loki in the Marvel films). It's the allegorical tale of the inhabitants of a modern skyscraper who self-segregate themselves into upper, middle and lower classes; the higher up you live, the higher your social status. Floor-to-floor class warfare erupts, with tenants fighting over the elevators, use of the pool, access to the best parking spots and so on. It's quite a macabre, satirical story, and it could make a really outstanding film - here's hoping!

The retro poster is a good start - have a look here


Totty said...

Sounds like a ripoff of Ice Piercer. :)

Sean Woods said...

Mike stole my comment.

"The Jeffegasus" said...

Stomm! It's blockwar! Where's a drokking Judge when you need one?

"The Jeffegasus" (a) said...

Further research sheds light that "High Rise" may have been as much an influence on John Wagner, the creator of the Judge Dredd universe, as did the Dirty Harry movies. Interesting.