Monday, September 01, 2014

McDonald's McNugget Sauces Ranked in Order of Flavour

1. BBQ
2. Hot Mustard
3. Sweet 'N Sour

Yes, this is possibly the low point of The Earliad's 11-year existence, but this is one of those the-bear-gets-you days and there are three unused packets - one of each flavour - sitting on my desk right now for some reason. If Hemingway had a blog I'm sure he could write a post of enduring beauty using the same inspiration. I'm not Hemingway. I'm not even Michael Butterworth or Ed D. Wood.

And now I'm  thinking Hot Mustard is actually tastier than BBQ. 


Liam said...

Hot Mustard was always head and shoulders above the other two.

"Jeffheritance" said...

Ranking the flavours of MacDonald's is for me like trying to choose the gentlest Nazi.

Sean Woods said...

Mustard is easily #1.