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Friday, January 02, 2015

Earl's Television Checklist, Revised

As a student of popular culture and mostly-failed aspiring writer, I'm a little obsessive about absorbing as much pop culture as possible, from comics to film to novels to television. Some months ago I decided that since I've been keeping track of the films and books I watch and read, I should try to capture the television I've seen. In the case of television, though, I'm tracking not merely my annual consumption, but the viewing habits of a lifetime. So far as I've been able to recollect, here are the shows I've watched in their entirety, along with a supplement of shows I'm currently following or backfilling. These lists do not include shows I can't definitively say I've finished. For example, while I've watched a lot of Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, Quantum Leap, The Dukes of Hazzard, Buck Rogers, The Rockford Files and so on, I can't be sure that I haven't missed an episode here or there, not having re-watched them yet on DVD or Blu-Ray. 

Earl’s Television Checklist

Shows I've Finished 

The Outer Limits (two seasons, science fiction anthology, 1963-65)
Gilligan's Island (three seasons, comedy, 1964-67)
Star Trek (three seasons, science fiction, 1966-69)
The Prisoner (one season, science fiction, 1967-68)
The Invaders (two seasons, science fiction, 1967-68)
UFO (one season, science fiction, 1970-71)
Star Trek (one season, animated science fiction, 1973-74)
Space: 1999 (two seasons, science fiction, 1975-77)
The Six Million Dollar Man (five seasons, science fiction, 1974-78)
The Bionic Woman (three seasons, science fiction, 1976-78)
Battlestar Galactica (one season, science fiction, 1978-79)
Galactica 1980 (one season, science fiction, 1980)
Police Squad! (one season, comedy, 1982) 
V (one season, science fiction, 1984-85)
Max Headroom (two seasons, science fiction, 1987-88)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (seven seasons, science fiction, 1987-94)
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (one season, western, 1993-94)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (four seasons, superhero, 1993-97) 
Babylon 5 (five seasons, science fiction, 1993-98)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (seven seasons, science fiction, 1993-99)
Due South (four seasons, comedy, 1994-99)
Crusade (one season, science fiction, 1999)
Superman (four seasons, animated superhero, 1996-2000)
ReBoot (four seasons, animated science fiction, 1994-2001)
The Lone Gunmen (one season, science fiction, 2001)
Firefly (one season, science fiction, 2002)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seven seasons, supernatural drama, 1997-2003) 
Frasier (one half of eleven seasons, comedy, 1993-2004)
Friends (three of ten seasons, comedy, 1994-2004)
Angel (five seasons, supernatural drama, 1999-2004)
Enterprise/Star Trek Enterprise (four seasons, science fiction, 2001-05)
Carnivale (two seasons, fantasy, 2003-05)
Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (five seasons, superhero animated, 2001-06) 
Journeyman (one season, science fiction, 2007)
Masters of Science Fiction (one season, science fiction anthology, 2007) 
The Wire (five seasons, drama, 2002-08)
The Shield (seven seasons, drama, 2002-08)
Battlestar Galactica (four seasons, science fiction, 2004-09)
My Name is Earl (four seasons, comedy, 2005-09)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (two seasons, science fiction, 2008-09)
FlashForward (one season, science fiction, 2009)
Lost (six seasons, science fiction, 2004-10) 
Heroes (four seasons, superhero, 2006-10) 
Dollhouse (two seasons, science fiction, 2009-10)
Rubicon (one season, drama, 2010)
Smallville (ten seasons, superhero, 2001-11) 
V (two seasons, science fiction, 2009-11)
No Ordinary Family (one season, superhero, 2010-11)
Human Target (two seasons, adventure, 2010-2011)
Alcatraz (one season, science fiction, 2012)
The Office (nine seasons, comedy, 2005-13)
Breaking Bad (drama, 2008-13)
Last Resort (one season, military drama, 2012-13)
24 (nine seasons, thriller, 2001-2014) 
The Tomorrow People (one season, science fiction, 2013-14)
Utopia (two seasons, drama, 2013-14)

Shows I'm Still Working On
(including shows still in production) 

Adventures of Superman 
(one of six seasons, superhero, 1952-58)
The Twilight Zone 
(four of five seasons, science fiction anthology, 1959-64)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 
(one of four seasons, spy, 1964-68)
Wonder Woman 
(one of three seasons, superhero, 1975-79)
Hawaii Five-O (seven and a half of twelve seasons, police procedural, 1968-80)
The Rockford Files (pilot of six seasons, 1974-80)
M*A*S*H (one of eleven seasons, comedy, 1972-83 )
Happy Days (two of eleven seasons, comedy, 1974-84)
Moonlighting (three of five seasons, comedy, 1985-89)
Mission: Impossible 
(eight of nine seasons, adventure, 1966-90)
The Flash 
(half of one season, superhero, 1990-91)
Superboy/The Adventures of Superboy (one of four seasons, superhero, 1988-92)
Homicide: Life on the Street 
(missed a few episodes, seven seasons, drama, 1993-99)
Star Trek: Voyager 
(all but two episodes of seven seasons, science fiction, 1995-2001)
The X-Files (six of nine seasons and parts of the final three seasons, 1993-2002)
Farscape (pilot of four seasons, science fiction, 1999-2003)
The West Wing 
(five of seven seasons, drama, 1999-2006)
Stargate SG-1
(half a season of ten seasons, science fiction, 1997-2007)
The 4400 
(one of four seasons, science fiction, 2004-07)
Life on Mars 
(one of two seasons, drama, 2006-07)
(two and a half of seven seasons, drama, 2006-present) 
Law & Order (one of twenty seasons, police procedural/legal drama, 1990-2010)
Caprica (half of one season, science fiction, 2010)
Chuck (one of five seasons, comedy, 2007-12)
Futurama (five of eight seasons, 1999-2013)
Arrested Development (three of four seasons, comedy, 2003-13)
Dexter (two of eight seasons, drama, 2006-13)
Fringe (one and a half of five seasons, science fiction, 2008-2013) 
Nikita (half a season of four seasons, adventure, 2010-13)

The Simpsons (five of twenty-five seasons, animated comedy, 1989-present) 
Twin Peaks (two of three seasons, supernatural mystery, 1990-present) 
Curb Your Enthusiasm (eight seasons, comedy, 2000-present) 
Dr. Who (one of eight seasons, 2005-present)
The Walking Dead (three of five seasons, horror, 2010-present) 
New Girl (three of four seasons, comedy, 2011-present)
Person of Interest (four seasons, drama, 2011-present)
Veep (one of three seasons, comedy, 2012-present)
Arrow (three seasons, superhero, 2012-present)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (two seasons, superhero, 2013-present)
Gotham (one season, superhero, 2014-present)
The Flash (one season, superhero, 2014-present)
Constantine (one season, superhero, 2014-present)
The Affair (one season, drama, 2014-present)

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