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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Peace, the Final Frontier

Next to Star Trek itself, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is my favourite of the Trek shows, and indeed one of my favourite television shows ever. But good as it was, I felt it lacked one thing: its principal narrating the show's purpose and vision, or in other words, a variation of Kirk's and Picard's "Space, the final frontier" speech. From the very first episode I wondered what Sisko might have said given the chance to speak over his show's opening credits. 22 years later, here's what he could have said:

"Peace, the final frontier.
These are the stories of Federation starbase Deep Space Nine.
Its ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds and their people,
to discover common cause and restore a civilization...
to boldly stand our ground like none before."

Well, something along those lines, anyway. 

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