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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Six Million Dollar Mag

Many years ago, almost certainly in Leaf Rapids, I bought this issue of Charlton's The Six Million Dollar Man magazine. Published in black and white, the magazine included comic stories and photo essays. 

The story descriptions on the table of contents provide a decent preview of the writing style used for the scripts. It's a very strange style; dry, with sudden jolts of emphasis. The art inside is quite decent, although the male gaze was definitely heavily in play when it comes to the women characters. 

If I still had the cover, I might have considered keeping this. But I lost it so many years ago I honestly don't remember what the cover looked like. And so the one and only issue of this magazine I ever read slipped into the recycling yesterday as part of my merciless quest to create space. 


Sean Woods said...

Did you scan it?

Jeff Shyluk said...

I've never heard of Jack Sparling Studios, but the work is quickly and easily found on the Internet. Another competent journeyman comic book scribe with plenty of subcontracts to larger features. It looks like he ended up running "Sick" magazine, such as it was.