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Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Superman-Coloured Garbage Truck

The tractor I painted a few days ago now has cargo: a garbage compactor. Painting it blue to imply the city prioritizes recycling over landfilling (is that a word?) seemed the proper thing to do. 

Here's a look at the business end. 

NOTE: I didn't realize I painted this in Superman's colours until I came up with the post title just now. 


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Jeff Shyluk said...

Superman's colours are fine. It's the classic triad colour scheme, which also takes advantage of the cheapest inks available to the publishers of the early comics.

In my neighbourhood, we have green garbage trucks, painted green by committee to emphasize their environmental friendliness. One caught fire, as I recall, one rammed into an overhead walkway, and I have the most vivid memory of driving behind one in summer that smelled so rank I used every personal energy and means I had to keep from throwing up in the car. That is my inviolable rule: never throw up in the car.