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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Blooming Bunker

Some time ago, I painted this 3D-printed bunker and adorned it with faux vegetation. I think it's a little much. At the very least, I think the vegetation should have been uniform. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

It's a bunker protecting tulip fields in the Netherlands. Those colours are riotous! You've picked out plants in the quadratic colour scheme: green, yellow, purple, and orange. It's impossible to make those colours harmonize, especially when they are so saturated. I'm surprised you can purchase them that way. Are they intended to be repainted?

A tip-toe through the James Gurney tutorials on how to limit your tulip colour gamut would likely provide some answers.

Earl J. Woods said...

Yeah, I knew it was all going wrong even in the moment. I made the foolish decision to just use whatever leftover fake flowers I had instead of waiting for new supplies to arrive. A professional gardener (or artist) would be justifiably horrified.