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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Objectively Speaking

Here's another objective token for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. I'm okay with how the Eat-a-Tronic food dispenser turned out, but the rest of it is a bit "meh." Too many shades of blue, not enough variety, some missed spots. I might have to revisit this one. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

The Fallout series has never been known for garish colours. Even in New Vegas, details are muted, since very few things are new and most are covered with uncleanable grime.

I think this piece fits in well with the Fallout aesthetic. If you feel the need to make it stand out more, you just need to add a couple of dots of enliveners. The enliveners I use fall into two categories: 1)based on the light in the scene, or 2)opposites on the colour wheel.

If 1), then it's the palest yellow (for daytime), the palest blue (for indoors), the palest green (for night), or the palest purple (for interior night) - in all cases, these colours are practically while - mixed with just a smidge of whatever the surface of the object being highlit is. The enlivener is just the most hairline of contours barely suggesting an edge along the bits of surface that would be the most likely to catch light. If you think you've applied too much, you already have. It's just the merest suggestion of paint.

If 2), then simply a tiny, tiny dot of the opposite on the colour wheel. In your case, since you have brown and blue, the yellow-orange of your ground would pick up maybe just a dot of muddy blue-violet, while the blue fixtures would have just a dot of orange. Honestly, you could get away with using brass or gold accents, or just the old trick of leaving a bit of silver to simulate the paint being scratched away revealing bare steel underneath. Maybe add some rust.

Earl J. Woods said...

Thanks, Jeff! I'm going to try option 2.