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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bear McCreary: An Appreciation

I really wish I knew more about music, simply so that I could put into words how much I love the work of Bear McCreary, who composes for the 21st century version of Battlestar Galactica.

Consider the piece from the season two episode "Prelude to War." It makes my pulse race. All I can do is try to describe what I'm hearing...

Violins, or some kind of stringed instruments, played at incredible speed, a short motif, over and over. Thumping percussion, an ominous undercurrent, a dreadful drumbeat. Rising tempo from a different kind of stringed instrument, almost insane. Heavy, heavy drums - like something you'd see in the original King Kong, played by some Polynesian with a barrel chest and massive arms.

Then quiet for a moment, drums fading, strings coming back, but undercurrent of tension ever-present...then BAM! Back again.

Oh, I wish I knew what to write. It's just magnificent. This is the sort of thing I'd give to people on a blank CD, so they could listen without all the baggage of the music being associated with a television show, much less SF TV. It really is that good.

1 comment:

AllanX said...

Listening to it now. Thanks for the tip.

It's great stuff!

I can't wait until Battlestar Galactica is finished so I can start watching them. Don't protest. It's my way. (I'm currently in the doghouse with my girlfriend for refusing to watch The Office until after it's cancelled.)