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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who, Disguised as Earl J. Woods...

Last night I dreamed that I was the Prime Minister. I was standing in the middle of my opulent mansion when my security chief phoned and said that she'd discovered an assassination plot against me. She wanted to move me to a remote location until the threat had passed.

This news disturbed me greatly, not because I was worried about the threat, but because

a) the nation needed me to do my job, and
b) being Prime Minister was just my secret identity; I was actually a superhero.

I spent the rest of my dream trying to convince my security chief that she was needlessly worried. I woke up before learning who won the argument.


AllanX said...

She did.

Unbeknownst to you, she was also a superhero and your lack of knowledge of this fact gave her the slight advantage, the element of surprise, necessary to prevail. That, and your stubborn refusal to use violence against a women in a time of crisis.

Anonymous said...

You have the best dreams...........

Anonymous said...

She wins the argument. You haven't been married long enough, maybe, to understand that.

Leslie said...

Hey, Earl,

I'm glad that in your alternate universe, your chief of staff is a woman. Some may say, "Only in your dreams!" but I think it's still a hopeful projection.

You certainly do have interesting dreams!