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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Love My Job

I do a lot of writing at my job, but I'm not always stuck behind a desk. Recently I organized the creation of a festive message video from my boss, Alberta Liberal Caucus Leader Kevin Taft, and his wife, Jeanette Boman. Today we shot the footage and, as you see here, posted it on YouTube. Originally I thought we'd shoot indoors, a sort of fireside chat deal, and it was scripted. But Kevin wanted something more genuine and spontaneous, and he was correct. Everyone connects with the season and with their community in different ways; for Kevin and Jeanette, a nice skate on their community rink is one of the reasons they love living in Alberta. (I can still take credit for the idea of having them skate into the shot.)

My script may not have been greenlit, but I did get a little thrill when I was asked to hold the boom mike for one take. (Sadly, not the take you see here.) Now that's what making movies is all about!


Anonymous said...

I bet your fingers didn't freeze to the camera. That happened to me once, you know... yup... frozen to the camera...

That's a sweet video. I like seeing your boss happy. Once, I saw him on TV as I was flipping channels. He was screaming at somebody, presumably as part of his job, "YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!",you know, political rhetoric at full volume. That's all I saw, because I went by it kind of fast. It had his name on the bottom, though.

I was thinking, though, that doesn't sound like one of Earl's lines at all. I'd expect something like, "YOU SHOULD ALL EMBRACE THE HUMAN CONDITION, AND TOGETHER WE WILL BOLDLY FORM A NEW FEDERATION WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE!" Well, I exaggerate.

I feel it's no good when real people get upset on TV, even if it's just part of doing business. Really, the only people who get ahead, if you can call it that, when good folks start to yelling is the news media, and maybe Jerry Springer. I don't think I could ever be on TV as part of my job.

AllanX said...

Liberals are such nice people.